About Us

Our main purpose at our laboratory, which operates under the Istanbul Bilgi University Clinical Psychology Graduate Program, is to research the psychotherapy processes of children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

The most important aspect of process research is that it seeks to investigate the fundamental factors connected to the changes that arise from therapy and, as result, understand why these changes occur. By means of such research, we are able to understand which treatments, under which circumstances and for whom are more appropriate, and develop the right forms of treatment and interventions for clients.

Firstly, in light of this purpose, the technical infrastructure needed to transform psychotherapy processes into visual and audio recordings was established. Following this, we have adapted or are continuing to adapt quantitative and qualitative instruments required for assessing the effectiveness and processes of psychotherapy. Through these instruments, we aim to contribute to psychotherapy research by keeping track of therapy processes and generating knowledge regarding psychotherapy based on psychoanalytic and systemic approaches.

Our laboratory houses many different research projects, and provides students education and internship opportunities about psychotherapy research.